An institution’s effectiveness in curriculum delivery is a crucial factor in achieving its educational objectives. It involves a systematic and well-documented process that encompasses various stages from curriculum design to implementation and assessment. GGIT provides fundamental approach to with a meaningful and enriching learning experience.

First and foremost, curriculum delivery begins with a comprehensive curriculum design phase. Great Ganges Institute of Technology is affiliated to Chhatrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJMU-NAAC A++ Grade), Kanpur and follows the curriculum prescribed by the university. The academic calendar prescribed by the university is a broad schedule and based on the same; semester-wise academic calendar of the institute is prepared.

The curriculum is designed by the CSJM University, we have documented it in a clear and accessible format. This documentation has included detailed lesson plans, learning resources, and assessment strategies. A well-documented curriculum serves as a reference guide for teachers, enabling them to effectively plan and execute their lessons. The effective curriculum delivery is ensured by respective departmental HOD and supervised by Academic Council of the institute. After allocation of the subjects, academic cell prepares a master timetable, uploads it on the Institute ERP.