To ensure the dreams turn into reality for our students, GGIT is the exact platform from where the journey starts to the corporate world. The Placement and Training Centre (PAT Centre) has been constituted at GGIT for this purpose.

PAT Centre


  • The PAT Centre endeavors to become a link between the job seekers [i.e. students] and job providers [i.e. companies/corporate] by building up their capacity and networking with Industries.
  • Building a strong network among the corporate & institute for placements.
  • Become the preferred choice of Employers with reference to Campus
  • Provide equal employment opportunities for all the students.
  • To ensure sustainable employment for all our students.


 1. All the final students of all courses are required to get registered with Placement and Training Centre as per the schedule declared by PAT Centre.

  1. After registration a student can switch over option once (to opt out of placement or interchange of option) before appearing in the Placement Drive. No request of change of option will be entertained thereafter.
  1. Student who wishes to appear for a particular campus placement drive must register with PAT Centre for the placement drive. The registration would imply that the student has verified by himself/herself and has consented to the company profile, job profile, terms & conditions, package, bond & eligibility criteria. After registration, if student fails to turn up for the drive, he/she will not be considered for future placements as well as not eligible to claim for the Security Deposit Refund
  1. The students who fail to maintain the minimum 90% attendance in In-house Training as well as Third Party Training by Experts are not eligible to claim for Placement.


 1. Eligibility criteria will be as per the norms of the company providing placement opportunity.

  1. Prerequisite for placement:
    1. Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) Completion with minimum 90%
    2. Academic Attendance of 75% on the date of campus placement drive is mandatory for every student in final year to appear in the campus placement drive of any

3. Students must update their record in PAT Centre after declaration of semester result (backlogs only). Regular semester results will be updated by PAT Centre. This is very important because it is possible that the companies may reject the candidature of a student in case of in complete data.