Satisfied employee of any organization is key to its success. It is not infrastructure but humans and collective work together make organization’s most of the processes productive and professionally managed. The management committee of the institute has initiated several welfare schemes for its employees.

Welfare measures:
• Provision of Welfare fund
• Subsidized Bus facility
• Reward and recognition policy
• Conference/Workshop/Seminar fee reimbursement
• Teacher’s day Celebration and honoring the teacher’s for their remarkable contribution.
• Festival Celebrations (Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas etc.)
• Canteen facility
• Separate cabins
The above mentioned points pave a roadmap to achieving the organization’s desired long term goals and help the faculty and staff members to work in an efficient and effective manner.

Performance Appraisal System
Institute always plays an important role in performance appraisal. There is a 360 degree feedback mechanism for the performance appraisal of every employee of the institute. Periodically feedback is taken from the students, subordinates & peers, Head of department, parents.
The role of IQAC is very important in performance appraisal system. It conducts the performance audits of departments which includes co-curricular activities, teaching-learning activities, extracurricular activities, etc.

The evaluation of faculty and staff members is done on a continuous basis, where certain parameters are taken into consideration for evaluation of faculty members. There is a predefined KRA based appraisal system, which acts a standard measure to evaluate performances and generate fair appraisals for all.

Staff Welfare is ensured through various benefits viz. EPF, ESIC, health insurance policy, etc. The progress of the institute is reviewed on regular basis for the effective implementation of quality policy and plans.